Jenny Tillotson

Dr Jenny Tillotson

Senior Research Fellow
Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design
University of the Arts London

Telephone: 020 7514 8098 / 6094


Expertise: sensory design, fashion and wellbeing, emotional fashion

About: A design researcher engaged in cutting edge technology that uses ‘Fashion Communication’ to address the bridge between designers and consumers, and the cultural analysis of fashion and lifestyle design in a fresh and imaginative way. Applying novel ways to create fashion, textiles and interactive structures, by introducing responsive or adaptive effects that changes the experience of fragrance to a more intimate communication of identity, using the olfactory sense as a communication tool, with a particular focus on the relationship between aromachology (the science of fragrance) and emotional well-being. Interdisciplinary Sensory Designer working with our most primitive sense (olfaction). Researching a new wave of sensory systems that identifies a new method of aroma delivery, by bridging the gap between imagineering and implementation, and seeking to better understand and evaluate the opportunities for enhancing the human condition, opened up by the advancement of technology.

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