Professor Helen Thomas

Director of Doctoral Programmes
University of the Arts London

Telephone: Contact the press office on 020 7514 6094 / 6218


Expertise: dance and pain or injury, dance, cultural theory, body, aesthetics

About: As a sociologist with a strong interest in culture and a former training in dance (Laban), my research has focused on performance and the body. This has included the project 'Pain and Injury in a Cultural Context: Dancers' Embodied Understandings and Visual Mapping', which explores dance injury data from various perspectives, such as dancers' health and well being, methodology, dance training regimes, ethical responsibility and individual desires (to dance in pain or injury). Since 2004, I have become increasingly interested in exploring the complex relations between the body, movement and dress in dance performance and my next dance research project will take me back to my earlier work on Martha Graham and her innovative use of costume in her early modern dance period from 1926-1938, of which little has been written.


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